Thursday, April 17, 2014

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iHub Hosting is a software integrator and development company specializing in applications that do what YOU need!  iHub can help you streamline tasks, WHEN YOU NEED THEM, and enable you and your people to get things done HOW YOU NEED THEM DONE.

Whether it is an application like iTrackSports or an integration with another system, iHub can do it!

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Need to register for a race?  Click HERE to go to the  iTrackSports Online Registration System to register for your event and get your "Quick Pass" to check in.




The iTrackSports family was developed with the Registrations, Memberships, and Event Check-In processes in mind.  By using today's technology iTrackSports allows users an interactive online experience registering for your events while keeping in mind the speed of the check-in process.  As an iTrackSports user, once you have registered and created a profile, registering for an event takes a matter of minutes. Filling out the paperwork and waiting in long lines goes away when you use iTrackSports.  The iTrackSports family currently has 2 registration systems for 2 different sports.  Our newest family member is the iTrackSports Motocross released in conjunction with our 3.0 version of the product in August of 2011. The MOTOCROSS Edition of iTrackSports is TAILORED for the Motocross Racing World!


* iTrackSports Motocross has been created to streamline the Registration and Check-In process.  This site enables the rider to register for an event through Online Registration and will provide "Quick Pass" check-in at the racing facilities. It uses today's technology to automate the registration and check-in process, making check-in easier for both the rider and the track. The "Quick Pass" check-in technology revolutionizes the way pre-race registration and onsite event check-in is handled at motocross events.  It allows pre-registration without the fear of financial committment by giving the option of paying online or at the track.  iTrackSports enabled facilities wiil have the ability to use the "Quick Pass" registration system.


* iTrackSports Baseball is an application created in concert with the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA). This application has the ability to do everything from registering individuals (Players, Coaches, Managers, Tournament directors, etc), to tracking teams and leagues, to tournament management, to a full featured Bracketing System. This application also maintains the security you need, but is also so flexible that you just won’t believe it!  And best of all, you can customize this application to YOUR needs very easily!





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